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At Silver Screen Loungerie we are proud to offer you a plethora of the finest vintage gowns and lingerie from the 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's available anywhere in the world. We have it all - including the highly coveted Heavenly Fischer Silk and rayon nightgowns and slips as well as gowns by Artemis, Eastern Isles, Wondermaid, Seamprufe, Radcliffe, Alida, and many other renowned lingerie manufacturers from the Golden Age of Lingerie. We also have seriously glamorous silk dressing gowns and robes, peignoir sets, kimono, lounging pyjamas, tap pants, teddies, bed jackets and of course, a range of incredibly sexy vintage boudoir slippers by famed shoemaker, Daniel Green. 


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Our vintage gowns and slips are made from the finest fabrics of the day - silk charmeuse, pongee silk, raw silk, rayon crepe, slipper satin, crepe de chine, silk jacquard, etc… and include several garments fashioned by the illustrious Burlington Mills (Bur-Mil). Many of our vintage lingerie garments are new/old stock, in mint condition and as perfect as the day they were made. Once upon a time, these gowns were restricted to the boudoir but in this age of the liberated 'anything goes' wardrobe, these gowns are perfect for weddings, parties, cocktails at eight and just about anywhere else you want to wear them. If you're a Sex and the City fan (aren't we all?), you'll already know that these sassy ladies all have vintage lingerie gowns and slips such as these in their wardrobes to lounge about in and to wear out for 'Cosmopolitans' in their Manolos. Visit Silver Screen Loungerie to introduce a little old fashioned vintage glamour in your life and especially, into your boudoir. You'll feel like a star! In the words of the ingenious Dorothy Parker, literary queen of the Algonquin and one of my favourite writers of all time - 'Where's the man could ease the heart like a satin gown…" 

In the Silver Screen Loungerie collection, you will find virtual closets full of show-stealing gowns, robes, slips, teddies and taps reminiscent of the sleek and chic boudoir attire worn by the original Silver Screen Sirens – Jean Harlow, Rita Hayworth, Hedy Lamarr, Mae West, and countless others - as they reclined on chaise lounges in those fabulous old B&W, matinee flicks. As the renaissance of ‘Old Hollywood’ glamour blooms, contemporary screen sirens – the eternally elegant, Cate Blanchett, the smouldering sex-bomb, Angelina Jolie, and the quintessential blonde bombshell, Gwen Stefani (to name but a few)– have all borrowed a little 30s style, sashaying down the red carpet runway sporting a vintage or contemporary bias-cut gown. In fact, you may soon see these ladies in gowns similar to those in our store when the thirties-inspired film, ‘The Aviator’, graces our silver screens in the coming months. Cate Blanchett will take on the regal role of Katherine Hepburn while Gwen Stefani steps into the shoes of her platinum predecessor and boudoir style queen of yesteryear, Jean Harlow. Unlike these actresses, you won’t need a stylist or a king’s ransom to infuse a little vintage glamour into your wardrobe. In our collection, we have a veritable cornucopia of delectable vintage loungerie pieces - ready to wear and fit for a star – YOU – the leading lady in your life!


Our philosophy is to make every woman who wears our Loungerie feel like a star. Even if the only runway you ever sashay down is your own hallway, make it count! At SSL, we want you to feel like the star of your own life and especially, the star of your own boudoir! In some magical, indescribable way, wearing soft, sensuous silk and satin garments against your skin brings out your inner glow and makes you look and feel like the beautiful woman you are – inside and out! Our philosophy is to encourage women of all ages, shapes, and ethnicity to embrace their lusciousness – curves and all. Our philosophy is to encourage you to love yourself and your body for whom and what you are!

Silver Screen Loungerie is the combined labour-of-love effort of two obsessive vintage lingerie enthusiasts - Sascha Joffe (moi) and Richard Reissig and our very understanding, respective partners. Silver Screen Loungerie is based in the new studio we’ve built at our home at Mt Glorious in the lush, sub-tropical rainforests of south east Queensland, Australia. My beloved, Alan Groves, has been very accommodating of my all-consuming vintage lingerie addiction and its gradual take-over of much of our domestic floor space not to mention our time. We also have our North American ‘HQ’ at Richard’s place in New Jersey where many garments are lovingly cared for and photographed before being posted to our site. 


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